Motivation Monday: home internet security

Motivation Monday: home internet security

In a world in which we are all for evermore connected through home devices that operate via the internet, we are in many ways also connected to criminals. This week, Adam Gamwell, of Gamwell Technologies, will demonstrate and explain how to overcome what he said is the No. 1 security weakness in American homes today: internet vulnerabilities.

Although there has been much debate lately about the capabilities and methods of America's top intelligence agencies to tap into homes through internet-supported devices, Gamwell said, "It's their job to know how to do that." What you really need to be worried about, Gamwell said, is the multibillion-dollar criminal industry that exists solely to violate your privacy and pillage your finances by accessing your personal information. And all it takes, to do that is hacking into your home internet devices.

In the next segment, Gamwell will walk us through the simple steps of how to protect your home from hackers without spending any money at all.

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