Motivation Monday: Doors

Motivation Monday: Doors

No matter where you live, if there are walls, there can be holes from door knobs slamming into the walls.

David Duran of the Myers Ace Hardware family in Canutillo says generally, small knicks from the doorknob can eventually become a hole that needs to be patched. But, he says it's easy to patch a hole.

Before you start tinkering with a hole in the wall, he cautions, grab a flashlight and take a look at what's near the hole inside the wall. You don't want to mess around with a wall that has electrical wires running near it and accidentally hurt yourself. If you see wires, shut the main power off first.

In this segment, Duran demonstrates how to patch the hole once you've determined it's safe to do so. In the next segment, Duran will teach us how to prevent a hole from happening and what to do about a key that sticks.

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