Motivation Monday: Cloud Storage

Motivation Monday: Cloud Storage

The nebulous "cloud" that you often hear referenced in technology is not actually a cloud like the ones a meteorologist may reference during a forecast.

A "cloud" is essentially an internet space that holds all things that you have stored in your computer, keeping them safe to share on another device.

Adam Gamwell, of Gamwell Techonologies, gave us some examples of cloud storage. "Google has their main data centers and they have their service called Google Drive, which allows you to store some of your items on their server and access it from multiple devices," he said.

Drop Box, and Microsoft One are also accessible clouds," Gamwell said.

But besides being able to share files off the cloud, Gamwell said the most practical reason to use is a cloud if for security purposes.

"So you see a lot in the news lately about malware," Gamwell said.

Bad guys can access all your material thru malware and then hold your files hostage until you pay to get them back. But storing your material on a "cloud" allows you to get all your data back without paying hackers.

In the next segment we'll show you more about cloud providers and how to use them.

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