Motivation Monday: choosing an interior paint color

(Credit: KFOX14)

It's "Motivation Monday," and in this week's installments of "Carpe Diem," we will learn how to choose a good interior color to paint a room.

Our interior design expert Casey Blanco Alvarez says the biggest mistake she sees people making in the Borderland is using a paint that is too shiny.

"In general, flatter is better," Blanco said. "A flatter color will hide imperfections and flaws in the wall better."

Another tip Blanco offered is to make sure that whatever color you choose, regardless of whether you choose a satin sheen, or a flat matte based paint, should be tested in the natural light of the room in which it will be painted. Blanco explained that rooms that face north tend to have a cooler effect, and rooms that face south have a softer light effect, which can alter the presentation of the paint.

In the next segment, Blanco discussed some of the more popular colors for interiors right now and how to make the most of them.

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