Motivation Monday: Cacti

Motivation Monday: Cacti (KFOX14)

It's “Motivation Monday,” and this week we are motivated by those who love our natural environment and the cacti that inhabit it.

We are joined this week by Jean-Claude Linossi, the president of the El Paso Cactus and Rock Club. The club is comprised of about 100 active members.

The club regularly organizes "cactus rescues," in which they request permission from the city and landowners to remove cacti from an area that is under development in order to preserve the plants.

Linossi said there are about 350 different types of cacti in the Chihuahuan desert and there are hundreds of other types of cacti in other parts of the world that won't thrive in our desert climate. Partly for that reason, Linossi said, it's important to obtain cacti either from a nursery that can tell you how to care for it, or from the Cactus Club on a rescue of native cacti that will do well in your home. Linossi said these hearty and interesting plants don't receive enough recognition or appreciation, and he believes the public should need a permit to take a cacti from the desert, as is is the case in Arizona. "We don't want people to take things because we are losing enough habitat as it is," Linossi said. In our next segment, Linossi will teach us how to plant cacti and care for them

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