Motivation Monday: Back to School


Getting ready for school is about more than buying new school supplies and clothing. It's about getting organized. Being organized becomes more important as you get older and are given more homework responsibilities and projects. So this week we were are focused on helping teens get ready.

The first thing a teen student is generally issued at school will likely include a locker. But the reality is, many students don't rely heavily on lockers to hold books and notebooks anymore as more districts are switching to laptops and e-books. So how do you use a locker to help organize yourself? Our interior design expert Casey Alvarez Blanco of Brass Arrow dot com says lockers can be easily repurposed to hold things most kids may find themselves needing at some point in an emergency. Those things include: electronic chargers, extra sneakers, a light jacket, change of clothing, umbrella, and some dry goods to snack on.

One thing that hasn't changed about lockers is that they can still be fun to decorate. And stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, and office supply stores sell an array of magnets and decorative items to make them colorful places. In the next segment we'll take a look at how to organize teen bedrooms. Gulp.

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