Gear Friday: Study Desks


Chances are pretty good that if your teenager has a desk in his or her room, it is crowded with things that have nothing to do with studying. A desk can easily become extra space for teens who already have too many belongings crammed into their room and not enough space for them. So in this segment, we set out with our expert, interior designer Casey Alvarez Blanco of, to see how we might get teens to use a desk to study.

Casey said the No. 1 thing you can do to get your teenager to sit at a desk, is provide a great chair. And she suggests you might want to make the investment. As Casey pointed out, "Most of them will grow up to work at a desk."

But understandably, desk work is a lot more mobile now that so much work is done on laptops. To that end, Casey suggests taking advantage of the "lap desks" available at stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond, which allowed us in after hours to look at all the inventory that can help kids get organized. Casey said if even if your child is working on a lap desk, they should still have easy access to everything they may need, including calculators, pens, pencils, or snacks.

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