Gear Friday: Spring Planting

Gear Friday: Spring Planting

It's not rocket science to dig a hole and put a plant in it. But there are some things that make it easier, and it's";spring planting in this week's installment of Gear Friday. John White, the head curator and horticulturalist at UTEP says you need something to dig with, lsuch as a small shovel or trowel.

And you need water. Beyond that, to White, planting gear is all fluff. White says he himself doesn't like to wear gloves because they keep him from feeling the moisture of the soil or the location of the roots in the plant. White is also not a fan of mixing soil, which he says is generally a waste of money.

But he does suggest you protect your knees in some way, even with a towel. And he recommends you have a tarp or a bucket to hold the dirt from the hole you've dug,. That way, you don't wind up with dirt all over your rocks, grass, or other area in which you are planting.

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