Gear Friday: Rugs

Gear Friday: Rugs

It's "Gear Friday" and all week our expert interior designer Casey Alvarez Blanco of Brass Arrow has explained how to make the most of rugs in your home.

Blanco believes a rug is the most important part of a room, and should be considered an investment piece.

She says woven rugs, such as Persian rugs are pricey but can last you 50 years with proper care. There are also natural fiber rugs that are woven and can also be quite pricey. However synthetic rugs which are tufted and glued to a backing can last with the proper care. Blanco said that means making sure your vacuum cleaner is on a lower setting so that it doesn't pull on the rug fibers.

In either case, woven or tufted, Blanco said you should have the rug professionally treated to be more stain resistant. There are local businesses who will come to your home to do this, and it will make your rug last much longer. And finally, Blanco said you should make the extra investment for a rug pad.

Besides keeping the rug from potentially slipping out from under you, the pad makes the rug feel cushier and can protect the floor from any fibers that the rug might shed with normal wear.

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