Gear Friday: Palm trees

Gear Friday: Palm trees

There are a few things you need to get in order to maintain palm trees. The most important thing is common sense, -- which hopefully you already have.

As Sid Steadman, of Sunset Gardens, pointed out, "When the palm tree starts to get too tall, like say anything over 10 feet it's harder for a homeowner to prune and get that high, and not only that, iit's dangerous for somebody who's not experienced." sid steadman

Steadman taught us the tips of pruning a palm this week. But at some point as the palm gets bigger you may need help and not just because of the height. Palms can host bees.

Also if you are going to prune a palm, remember the fronds can be prickly and sharp. Your blade should be sharp, and you should also be wearing protective gloves and eye protection.

If you have a palm tree that sustains freeze damage, there is a way to reverse the damage but it must be done quickly. Call a professional and they can pour a copper fungicide into the trunk of the tree from the very top. This can save the tree but is not an inexpensive solution.

Hiring a pro to prune a tree can cost about $150, however, the biggest expense, Steadman said, is actually hauling away the trash.

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