Gear Friday: Kitchen Faucets

A flashlight helps because in most cases, it's dark under the sink, and you will also need very basic tools. Credit: KFOX14

Its "Gear Friday" and the name of the game this week has been changing your kitchen faucet yourself. David Duran of the Myers Ace Hardware Family in Canutillo says the gear to start off with is a flashlight and your cellphone.

He says you want to take a picture of the pipes and hoses under your sink just in case you get confused and forget where they go when it's time to reconnect them. A flashlight helps because in most cases, it's dark under the sink. You need very basic tools Duran said, "such as a couple of sets of plyers, maybe a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench. Maybe a knife and a little putty is what you'll need."

Duran says the gear involved in the actual faucet mechanism is pretty standard. Most faucets are designed to fit all residential sinks, you just have to decide what kind of faucet you want. And the price differs. Duran said you can get a decent faucet for $38 but you can pay up to $1000 if you're looking for something ultra-special. Your time investment according to Duran, should be a couple of hours at the most even for the novice.

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