Gear Friday: Furniture Layout

Gear Friday: Furniture Layout (KFOX14)

In most women's purses you'll find a lip balm, maybe some pepper spray, a hair tie and a cellphone. In the purse of interior designer Casey Alvarez Blanco you will also be sure to find painters tape. Casey told us painters tape has multiple purposes for home planning and when it comes to making a furniture layout it can be an invaluable tool, even more helpful than measuring tape in many cases. If you measure a piece of furniture and then use painters tape to outline it's dimensions where you imagine placing that piece of furniture, you have essentially placed an invisible version of a piece of furniture in the room. And that can help you realistically visualize if your furniture layout will work.

Finding balance to a room is very important Casey said. To Casey "balance" does not mean things should match. It means they should complement each other so that a tall piece of furniture is perhaps met at equal height by a piece of artwork, a lamp, or a vase for example. If the room matches perfectly without any interjections of your personal taste and likes, or all items meet at the same height, Casey described the outcome as "boring." and for an interior designer "boring" is practically a fate worse than death.

In any case not everyone has the natural "eye" to scale a room to balance with items of different proportions. For help with this, Casey said you can turn to YouTube and Pinterest and literally "search" using the words "furniture layout'."

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