Gear Friday: choosing an interior paint color


It's Gear Friday and this week we learned how to pick a good interior paint color in our installments of "Carpe Diem."

One thing you can not rely on to help you are the little swatch colors at the paint store.

Interior designer Casey Blanco Alvarez says to pull off a good interior color you absolutely must commit the time to buying a little bit of sample paint and testing in in the natural light of the room you are considering.

She says the more paints you can test this way the better.

To that end, Blanco recommended some plastic sheeting sold at Home Depot specifically created to allow you to paint the front, peel it off the sticker, and then put it on the wall.

The sticker can be removed and put on another wall.

Or you could just paint some paper and tack it up to the wall.

The other gear that can help you, is your phone or computer as Blanco explained some of the better paint companies will mail you large swatches if you call or email them.

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