Gear Friday: Boulders


It's "Gear Friday" and all week we have explored ways to utilize boulders as a landscaping feature on your property.

In theory, boulders sound like perfect aesthetic additions to traditional Southwest-style landscaping because in many cases they seem natural to the environment. But the fact is, getting a boulder onto your property is not that simple.

If you're trying to place boulders on your property yourself, Sid Steadman, of Sunset Gardens, says it is really necessary to rent some kind of heavy equipment like a large skid-steer loader that can help you lift the boulder, and place it in the desired location.

The boulder will have to be delivered to your property from a landscaping business or even a quarry business. The boulder will come on a pallet, and you shouldn't just roll the boulder off the pallet.

Steadman said this is where some muscle power can come in handy as you use straps to maneuver the boulder into a position on the pallet where your machinery can grab it. Trying to roll it in position, or carry it..., can likely cause damage and scratches to the boulder -- and to yourself.

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