Gear Friday: archery

It's "Gear Friday" and one thing we've learned about archery this week is that over the centuries since prehistoric times, the only thing that has changed about archery is the bow and arrow.

What has never changed is that you still have to aim, and the goal is still to hit the target. However the technology applied to bows and arrows has advanced to the level of ingenious engineering.

There is a vast selection of materials with which bows are now made. They range from light aluminum developed on a 3-D printer, to complex compound bows made with graphite and cast materials.

To this day, bows are being improved to better accomplish their function of hunting or competing.

Bow hunters we spoke with at High Desert Archery said the initial investment for a beginner is expected to be about $300.

As an individual's skills advance along with the knowledge of the bow and arrow mechanism, the investment can go up to $2,000 as it is customized to your individual needs.

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