Carpe Diem: Tracking Devices

When you can't find keys or a wallet, things can get stressful fast. But our tech expert Adam Gamwell showed us a solution.

Tracking devices are easy to use and help you locate missing items with the help of an app on your smartphone or android. Once you download the app and launch it, the app will walk you through how to sync the tracking device or your phone.

Then, when you can't find an item such as your keys, you just open the app, and see the general location where your keys are located. Once you are within about 100 feet of the item, the tracker on your keys, in this case, will begin to chirp. That sound will allow you to pinpoint exactly where you left the keys.

The technology behind the tracker involves crowdsharing information. That means the location of your missing item is shared through other phones that are using the same app. It also means you are required to set up an account with the manufacturer of the tracking device where the crowd-sharing information will be disseminated. Gamwell, of Gamwell Technology, said there are also other useful life hacks for which a tracking device can be used. You can find those here:

On "Gear Friday," we will learn more about the cost, customization, and some important details about the app that runs the devices.

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