Carpe Diem: spring planting

If you have the itch to start spring planting in your yard, UTEP curator and horticulturalist John White said this is the time to start and he offered some tips on how to spring plant successfully.

But before you start digging, determine where the plant will thrive the best based on what you have read about the plant. Once you start digging, make sure the whole is wide enough. It is more important that the hole be wide, than deep.

In fact White said the first roots at the top of the plant should be the marker for how high the plant should sit in the hole.

Once you have the plant out of the pot, make sure you shake loose the roots so they can have a chance to find their way in the ground. "Potting soil is a waste of money," White said, instead he demonstrated how to mix the potting soil that came with the plant and mix it in with your own soil. Don't pack the dirt back in too tightly, use about a gallon of water to water the plant, and then put some mulch over the dirt to hold in the moisture.

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