Carpe Diem: Indoor lighting


The trick to dazzling indoor lighting is to mix metals. As a rule of thumb, our expert interior designer Casey Alvarez Blanco said you want to select a dominant metal, and then build around it. If your home tends to lean toward cooler colors, she recommends mixing chrome, stainless steel and nickel. Warmer toned homes can mix iron, brass and bronze can all be mixed together in various designs to add depth to a home.

But you should not limit the contrast of light fixtures to only lights. Try to compliment your kitchen and bathroom fixtures and even metal railing in your home. Also, if you find yourself in a light fixture store like Fergusons that has a seemingly endless array of displays and choices, Alvarez says it's OK to pull the chandelier that seems like it belongs in a formal dining room and put it in a bathroom. Or, take an outside patio light and install it over an island in the kitchen. The point is, if you like it, find a place for it.

On Gear Friday Alvarez has a tip for do-it-yourself enthusiasts who are ready to take her advice about light fixtures and start installing them.

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