Carpe Diem: Hummingbirds

Carpe Diem: Hummingbirds

Mosquitoes have possibly met their match in the graceful and charming hummingbird.

It turns out hummingbirds feast on bugs, spiders and mosquitoes so they are not only entertaining, but handy to have hovering around your home.

David Duran, with the Myers Ace Hardware Store in Canutillo, showed us how to best lure hummingbirds to your home and keep them there. First off, once you buy a feeder, Duran said to make sure you keep it clean of fungus. That means taking it apart and washing it carefully every couple of days.

For this reason, Duran is convinced glass feeders are better. Secondly, Duran told us to place the feeder high enough off the ground that cats can't get to it. Duran said dogs don't seem to bother the birds much and see them more as a form of entertainment, where cats tend to see hummingbirds more as a snack.

And finally, make sure you keep the hummingbird feeder full. The birds will learn they can rely on the feeder, and will bring their friends. Each feeder will generally feed about four hummingbirds a day. The more feeders, the more hummingbirds.

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