Carpe Diem: home internet security


When it comes to keeping people from accessing your personal life and home through the internet, you can often be your worst enemy. Our tech expert Adam Gamwell of Gamwell Technologies said the solution is simple. The best step you can take to your protect your privacy, is to change the default password on any home device that is connected to the internet. All these items come with a default password that Gamwell said most people choose to ignore out of laziness.

The tendency is to get the item out of the box, set it up and make it start working right away. The default password is vastly overlooked Gamwell said and hackers can download the pass codes to these devices on line, and sometimes just by pass them on their own because they are so easy to compromise.

The other mistake you can make that could potentially compromise your privacy, is writing down the pass code that you choose in the event you do the safe thing and change the default password. "Never write down the password unless you plan to lock in safe," said Gamwell. In the next segment, we will show you a better way to store your passwords, and what to buy to make sure you are maximizing your internet protection at home.

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