Carpe Diem: Doors

Carpe Diem: Doors

Door stops are the answer to preventing holes in the wall from door knobs. But door stoppers don't always stay put.

"Those door stops will fall off eventually. They're just screwed in there with a tiny little screw so they all fall off in time, said David Duran, of the Myers Ace Hardware family in Canutillo.

In this segment Duran demonstrates how to reinforce your door stoppers to make their function more dependable.

But making sure you have what you need so that the door doesn't punch a hole in the wall is just one problem you may experience with your door. What if you can't even get the door to open because the key won't turn in the lock.

Duran says that is actually a common phenomenon in the desert, especially this time of year when we do have some moisture in the air.

"Dust will penetrate into the lock and a lot of times folks that don't know will use WD-40, for example, and that actually attracts dust and makes it worse," Duran said.

The answer, is to squeeze some graphite into the key hole whenever the key starts sticking. A tube of graphite costs about $2 at any hardware store.

In our next segment, Duran will show us what to do about a sticking door.

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