Carpe: Cloud Storage

Carpe: Cloud Storage

If you have an "iPhone", you may be familiar with "iCloud." If you do, occasionally you may get a notification offering you the chance to buy more iCloud space.

But the iCloud is exclusive to Apple products. You can pay for service on a cloud from a different provider to hold all your technology files.

Adam Gamwell, of Gamwell Technologies, said the top three providers are Google Drive, Drop Box and One Drive, and all three offer free versions of their cloud service.

Then, as you need more space, you can buy it. A cloud then, is a nickname for internet storage in a place that's maintained and controlled by the cloud provider.

You access the cloud by signing on to the service through your browser, or by clicking “manage your products" on your device.

"You have the ability to also share documents through those utilities, such as if you have Google Drive, and if I have Google Drive, I can share a file with you and it's automatically in your Google Drive cloud," Gamwell said.

In our next segment… "Gear Friday," Gamwell will open his laptop and demonstrate how to add files to and between cloud services.

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