Carpe Diem: Back to School bedrooms


KFOX 14 asked viewers to send in photos of their teens' bedrooms. We showed those pictures to our Carpe Diem expert interior designer, Casey Alvarez Blanco of You should have seen her face. "Is this really what kids' rooms look like?" Casey asked in astonishment. Casey, who was herself a teenager not that long ago, decided we needed to take a ride.

We went straight to Bed Bath & Beyond, which allowed us to go after hours to really take a close look at all the options for getting a teen organized. Casey said the first step is to purge the room. Get rid of everything that really has no purpose. Things of sentimental value are hard to let go of, but Casey suggests you make a deal with your teen: put those questionable items in a bin, put them in another room for three months and if nothing is missed, agree to get rid of it.

Everything that doesn't go into storage or another closet should get prioritized. Then figure out ways to have easy access to those items. That could mean labeling bins and making room under the bed for them. Among other things, you can find blocks that lift beds higher off the floor at Bed Bath & Beyond. In the next segment, we'll take a look at what do to if your teen uses a desk for everything except studying.

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