Young entrepreneurs take their love of sneakers to the retail level

From the outside, it's a rather unassuming storefront. But inside, it's a treasure trove of sneakers. And not just any sneakers. We're talking rare, hard-to-find sneakers.

“I just love the culture about shoes and all the experiences I’ve had with them, selling them and getting them, and it’s just so much excitement," said Drew Frank. "I love it.”

So late last year, the 13-year-old decided to take his love of shoes to the retail level. That's how Kickpin was born.

“My brother and I have always had a love for sneakers and there was nothing like this in El Paso that sold rare shoes and clothing, and we just wanted to bring something different to El Paso,” he said.

Drew and his brother Jamie have curated an impressive collection of shoes. They've carefully selected the styles that you're simply not going to find in the mall.

“Well, we both love sneakers and we’ve always wanted to have the rare shoes, and there’s nothing like this in El Paso, so we wanted to give El Paso the culture of sneakers,” said Jamie Frank.

On Saturday, the pop-up shop will open for the third time, but just for just one day. That's why it's called a pop-up.

“Since my brother and I are still in school, we’re always so busy, and we wanted to keep it more limited so people are more excited when we’re open,” said Drew Frank.

The young Frank brothers got some help from mom and dad, of course, but the previous pop-ups have been very successful.

“Our parents helped us out to start the store, but now, since we’ve made some money from the last two pop-ups, we’re on our own,” said Jamie.

These aren't cheap sneakers. Some can cost hundreds of dollars.

But Drew Frank isn't solely about selling. He's also about giving. Last year, he raised $30,000 at his bar mitzvah. That's money he used to buy 800 pairs of Nikes and socks for students at an elementary school in South Central El Paso.

“It was just an amazing feeling to give back to them,” said Drew.

So, for now, the brothers are focused on their pop-up, and maybe someday they'll be in the sneaker game full-time.

“Hopefully we can open multiple stores one day,” said Drew.

“I’d love to one day open a store in a big city, or just open full-time here,” said Jamie.

The pop-up is happening Saturday Feb. 4 from 10 am to 6 pm.

The store is located at 5860 N. Mesa St.

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