Nursery evolves into popular Upper Valley restaurant

It started as a nursery, the kind of place where you buy plants and landscaping. Then, it evolved into an event space, the kind of place you would rent for a wedding. So, naturally, the next logical step was a restaurant.

“We just felt like there was something missing, and the restaurant is something that is always been fumbling around in the back of my brain," said Danny Heredia, the owner of 150 Sunset. “We decided to build a kitchen for our events, to be able to cater our events, and once the kitchen was built, I was able to convince my wife that there's just a very small step to a restaurant.”

His wife, Gabi, had an interesting metaphor.

“So it became, for us, sort of like a plane sitting on the tarmac, waiting to take off," she said. "It's ready, ready, ready, but it's not going anywhere. And we decided, 'OK, well, let's take the bite and see where it goes.'”

The nursery, the event space and restaurant might not seem related, but Danny said they are.

“We're also a landscape design construction business, so there's a lot of things going on, but they all complement each other; the ultimate cherry on the cake was the restaurant,” he said.

Since it opened two years ago, the restaurant at 150 Sunset has become a popular spot in the Upper Valley. Along with its dinner offerings, the restaurant is also well-known for its brunch.

“Breakfast has become very popular on the weekends, and then we have dinner and happy hour, so it's kind a coming into its own and we're really, really enjoying it and hoping to continue offering something that people enjoy,” said Danny.

Once a month, the restaurant hosts wine dinners, where manager Ramiro Gomez ups the ante on his kitchen's culinary creations.

“The food is phenomenal and that's mostly Ramiro," said Chris Pickett, who hosts the monthly wine dinners. “They do such a great job with the food here that I have the easy part. I don't even make the wine, I just drink it.”

Now, Danny and Gabi are ready to expand. They are opening a new restaurant in downtown El Paso, down the street from the newly renovated San Jacinto Plaza.

“We're very excited to be going there, downtown is growing and expanding,” said Gabi.

The new restaurant at 204 Mills will feature a brand new menu, but the same kind of synergy that has led to the success the couple has enjoyed at 150 Sunset.

“For us to have a homegrown business moving into there and growing organically out of a concept that was pulled out of the air is exciting and an honor to have the opportunity to go there,” Gabi said.

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