Local brew pub celebrates sixth anniversary

Hoppy Monk in west El Paso

Introducing El Pasoans to quality beer made by independent breweries - that was the mission when The Hoppy Monk opened its doors in 2010.

“We had a lot of time to reflect on what is that we wanted to do and what would make us happy,” said co-owner Beto Longoria.

When it came to a philosophy, Longoria said they wanted to create a business that emphasized the importance of being locally owned, a place where the quality of the drink was supported by the quality of the food.

“We all drink beer," Longoria said. "At some point in our lives we were exposed to what I would consider better beer, and that triggered the whole process of us just really getting into it. From the brewing process to getting to know the people behind the breweries and that was very important to us because that’s what we’ve been able to build upon.”

This month, The Hoppy Monk in West El Paso is celebrating its sixth anniversary.

“We believe that by supporting your local businesses you’re actually improving the local economy," Longoria said. "By keeping the money here in El Paso, by patronizing these establishments, you actually get to know the people behind the product.”

The brew pub offers dozens of independent craft beers. You won't find any of the big corporate brewers coming out of their taps.

“We try to be louder with our philosophy not to create conflict, but rather to create awareness and hope we help people see the value and importance of supporting local businesses," said Longoria.

The bartenders here are also known for their craft cocktails. And in the kitchen, the menu boasts an impressive selection of pub food with ingredients that are often locally sourced - from Mexican staples like chicken tacos, to their specialty: burgers.

Two years ago, Hoppy Monk expanded. They opened a second, much larger location in San Antonio.

“It’s amazing seeing people just continuing to support us in another city and to me that’s very, very humbling,” said Longoria.

As for the sixth anniversary party in El Paso, it's happening next Thursday. The Hoppy Monk is planning to tap into some special kegs.

“We’ve got about 15 beers that we’re bringing out that we normally don’t have on our draft wall," said Blake Mireles. "So we want to bring those out and share them with everyone to show them, not only how we’ve changed so much, but where we came from.”

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