Fronteriza cooking class offered in El Paso

Fronteriza cooking class offered in El Paso. (KFOX)

In this particular kitchen, there is experience and skill. And sharing that knowledge is the idea behind a new series of cooking classes at La Mujer Obrera.

"We were just thinking about a cooking class that was about what you were eating your whole life but you don't know how to start cooking it," said Carolina Franco, the cultural promoter for La Mujer Obrera.

La Mujer Obrera was founded in 1981 by women who were former garment workers. Meant to serve as a community resource, La Mujer Obrera also operates a restaurant called Cafe Mayapan. That's where the cooking classes are being held.

"So it's chile colorado, tamales, gorditas, tortillas," said Franco. "Just like the basics that you could use. Like even how to cook rice and beans for your chile rellenos."

The cooking series will focus on "fronteriza foods," the culinary creations specific to this region. Each class focuses on one specific type of food.

"Using the same food that we've been using for the past 500 years," said Franco. "Nopales and calabasas and maiz and using that as a culture."

On Thursday, the participants were hoping to master how to make chile colorado from scratch.

"I know how to make the basic but not like my aunts, like my older aunts," said Cynthia Ruelas. "So i wanted to see if maybe i can learn some of the tricks."

Franco says the idea is to create a unique culinary experience, while preserving the traditions that can sometimes slip away from one generation to the next.

"Even myself, I'm guilty," said Franco. "That's why I want to learn how to cook all these things because I grew up eating all of them but once I got to move out of the house and cooking for myself I was like, 'Well, I'll just eat beans.'"

Each individual class costs $35. They are offered every Thursday at 6 pm until July 27.

Cafe Mayapan is located at 2000 Texas Ave, El Paso, TX 79901.

Their phone number is: (915) 217-1126

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