El Paso Opera presents unique take on "Cinderella" story

El Paso Opera presents unique take on "Cinderella" story.

We're all familiar with the Cinderella story. The glass slipper, the fairy godmother and, of course, Prince Charming.

But this weekend, the El Paso Opera will present a much different take on the classic tale.

This particular version of "Cinderella" is set in 1930s Hollywood and it follows a starlet making her way through Tinseltown at the dawn of the movie industry.

The El Paso production is using local actors along with touring professionals.

"It's set in 1933 Hollywood, when Hollywood was transitioning into the human dramas," said stage director Garnett Bruce. "Because the subtitle is 'the triumph of goodness.' This is not about magic or fairy godmothers. This is about people looking out for people and doing the right thing."

"Cinderella" is being staged at the Abraham Chavez Theatre.

Bruce said the venue is the perfect place to hear the operatic interpretation.

"We have never done this production together before, joining with your symphony, your chorus, with actors in your area, and we're here in your Abraham Chavez theater, which is a real treat," Bruce said. "I work in opera houses around the world and to come to an acoustical gem that you have in your city with all of this wood and all of these great curves, the natural voice is just amplified and surrounds you in a way that technology can only wish it could imitate."

The El Paso Opera's take on Rossini’s “La Cerenentola" is happening Saturday at 7:30 p.m. at the Abraham Chavez Theatre.

Tickets range from $15 to $90.

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