Concert raises money for nursing school in Juarez

This year's Concierto 321 will include a performance from the Latin Grammy nominated group The Chamanas.

Last year's Concierto 321 featured blistering sets from Frontera Bugalu and Jim Ward on a rooftop in Ciudad Juarez.

This year's concert will include a performance from the Latin Grammy nominated group The Chamanas. The local band will be joined by singer songwriter Carla Riojas of Juarez We're talking about Concierto 321, happening this Saturday in Juarez.

"Our mission is to be a really to be a bi-national, regional nonprofit," said Jenny Dowdy who is with Progress 321, a group that looks to make the Borderland a better place to live. "We're focusing on recruiting members and young professionals from El Paso, Juarez and Las Cruces and so this is one of the ways that we can connect with people in Juarez and really start branching out in that direction as well."

Concierto 321 is produced in partnership with the FEMAP Foundation, another local nonprofit that tackles poverty through a variety of social programs.

"Progress 321 as well as the FEMAP Foundation, we're both working toward improving the quality of life in our region so it was a natural partnership that developed," said Megan Knox, the executive director of FEMAP.

The concert on Saturday is a fundraiser for FEMAP's nursing school in Juarez. Ticket proceeds will go toward scholarships and to the FEMAP Micro Finance Program.

"It's a great way to bring people together as well as center it around what the actual mission is and inform them about what we're doing there," Knox said.

Organizers say Concierto 321 is a great way to see amazing local musicians while helping the amazing work being done at the school of nursing.

"It not only is a fun event, but it's taking place at the actual location of the work that we're doing over there so it was a natural way of bringing that together," Knox said.

"It's a beautiful facility. State of the art," said Dowdy. "The students go and take their classes there and they have a beautiful rooftop terrace so that's where we were able to have the event the first year and going forward that's where we plan to do it."

Aaron Goldfarb is a native El Pasoan who is also a guitarist based in Austin. He'll also perform at Saturday's concert.

"I'm inspired by this group. I think they're doing great things for El Paso," said Goldfarb. "I just wanted to give back and participate in this great event."

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