A collaboration between brewers leads to burger challenge

Ten hamburger patties. Ten slices of cheese. Bacon. And an egg on top.

If you can eat that towering creation of ground beef – along with a basket of fries and a brew in under 10 minutes – then you can win the Body by Beer Burger Challenge.

“We’re kind of proud to be brewers and drink beer, which gives you my body type," said Albert Salinas, the co-owner of Ode Brewing in West El Paso.

Salinas said the Body by Beer Burger Challenge is happening Saturday from 3 to 5 pm. You pay $25 a heaping plate of food and a beer. If you finish it under ten minutes, it’s free.

“So basically we wanted to do something for everybody that had New Year’s resolutions," Salinas said. "Everybody that broke your New Year’s resolution, come over and let’s have fun. If you’re going to break it, might as well go all out.”

Saturday’s Body by Beer Challenge is part of larger celebration at Ode. It’s actually part of a collaboration between Santa Fe Brewing and Ode.

“We all got into this because it’s fun,” said Bert Boyce, the head brewer at Santa Fe Brewing. "And what better way to spend your life than to hanging out with friends and calling it work and getting paid for it."

Boyce said he’s looking forward to working with the guys from Ode.

“Albert and I started talking like let’s make a beer together," Boyce said. "We do pretty well here. El Paso is very good for Santa Fe Brewing. Santa Fe Brewing loves El Paso. So let’s do something.”

Once the collaboration is complete, the beer will be released in a few weeks.

“We’re going to release it three weeks from today at the Alamo Drafthouse," Boyce said. "So we’ll have a bunch of beers. Ode will have a bunch of beers on and then we’ll have our collaboration on together. So Albert and I will be there to do a beer class and to release this beer and talk to anyone that shows up.”

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