Manicures and Pedicures for men

EL PASO, Texas - Most men also enjoy being pampered with things like manicures and pedicures.

Because most places that offer these services cater to mostly women, Laura Sanchez decided to open up a salon that specializes in men's services.

Gentlemen's Republic Barbersalon in west El Paso offers what most women get at nail salons or day spas.

Ryan Norris, an Army vet, said he likes that a place like this has opened in El Paso.
"You've got to go to L.A. or cities like New York, Miami, or Dallas for places like this, but they are expensive, like really expensive," Norris said.

Sanchez said manicures and pedicures are becoming more popular among men but few places offer them in a masculine setting.

"You know, men have never been able to enjoy sitting in a room that has sports on the TV or listening to 93.1. This has no feminine feel whatsoever; it is a man's vibe in here," Sanchez said.

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